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Schools and Outreach

Schools and Outreach

We aim most of our outreach activities at Secondary School and A Level students.

Mini Medical School

The Mini Medical School is a series of six lectures covering different aspects of the medical sciences.

They run on six consecutive Thursday evenings in October and November each year. Our bookings usually open in July. 

Teacher and school adviser sessions

Each year, we run a teacher and school adviser session. We identify anyone interested in supporting pupils through medicine and dentistry applications.

MaD Days

Find out what it's like to study medicine or dentistry at Newcastle University.

Discover Medicine

Discover Medicine enables a team of current medical students from the University to travel to local schools. Here they will deliver workshops with your pupils. The Discover Medicine team currently have activities for year 8, 10 and 12 pupils.

Medical Graduate Ambassadors

The Faculty has a team of recent graduates who aim to raise awareness of medical science-based subjects. They do this through contact with students from local and national schools.

They hope to encourage students in years 7 – 13 to progress to higher education. They want to raise awareness of the choices and careers available in medical science.

PARTNERS activities

Our PARTNERS scheme runs many activities for a range of year groups. They offer students the opportunity to visit the University and take part in activities related to Higher Education.

Many of these offer specific subject sessions in Medicine:

  • discover days
  • student shadowing
  • BiteSize Uni